Friday, January 28, 2011


Hmmmmm...I am going to be gone a while because my laptop broke. Probaly a month. when i am back on I will post all of part 1 and some of 2.Until then cya!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Here it is!!!Kinda slow though. tell me what you think.small part of part one
The Protecters Of MagicPart 1:Storms Brewing"I shall give you your robes and spellbook now, Brandon..." I woke with a start, breathing a sigh of relief when I noticed that i wasen't in some weird wizards office. Let me explain, my name is Brandon Campbell, I am 13 and I go to school like a normal kid(well if you count military school being normal, then yup). Then the dreams started. For the past week i have been having these crazy dreams involving an old wizard and a talking owl. Although it kind of reminds me of Harry Potter, it freaked me out. It was always the same thing, always stops after my first name.
I quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed, then headed towards the door. I halted only a few feet from the door, because my body was tingiling. I feel to my knees and cried out as horrible convuslions racked my body. After a few seconds of struggling, i gave up and passed out.
"Headmaster, I found this young wizard unconcious inside Bartlebey. He came from Earth. He was the one you where expecting?" The girl was saying quietly to the Headmaster. "Yes he is, and hopefully he will awake soon." Headmaster answered. I thought i was either dreaming, or that i was at a crazy convention. I had been awake for several minutes observing both of the speakers. The girl was about my age, purple hair, odd purple eyes, and was wearing an all purple robe trimmed with a dark purple. The Headmaster had gray hair and a gray beard, he was wearing a monocle in one eye, wore blue robes covered in stars, and carried an awsome staff. He looked like Albus Dumboldore so much I couldn't believe it. I thought everything sounded odd, I mean come on! Bartlebey, headmaster, me being expected? I quickly decided to ask a few questions. I jumped up and started to shoot off questions left and right. "Where am I? Who are you a bad imitation of Albus Dumboldore? And how did I get here? And why did you call me a young wizard?" I finally stopped talking and Headmaster started to explain. "You are in Wizard City, I am Headmaster Ambrose, this is Rebecca StormBringer, You got here throgh the world gate, and we called you a young wizard because you are a wizard." I didn't know why but I instantly didn't think any of those things were ridiculous. I actually believed him when he told me I was a wizard. I was about to ask more questions, but he quieted me with a gesture. " Come now Brandon, we must find out your name and your magic school. Follow me." He lead me to a door to the side of the messy room. As we went through the door, I gasped in amazement. In the center of the small room was an epic size three dimensional display of what seemed to be a universe. As I was about to walk forward to inspect it, Headmaster Ambrose ushered me to a pedestool in a dusty corner. As I walked up to the heavy leather bound book, several words formed on the page. "Brandon WinterFinder, eh. I can live with that." As quickly as they melted onto the page, they melted off and in their place were several questions. After I had answered them with a quill, several more words appeared on the page. " Well, Brandon WinterFinder, it seems you are in the School of Ice. I shall now give you your robes and spell book Brandon WinterFinder (wow, I think I just had some deja vu). Come see me when you have dressed." After he left I threw on my robes and looked into the mirror that had just appeared in front of me. My jaw dropped in amazement. Instead of light brown hair, I had light blue hair. Instead of my brown eyes, i had blue eyes. I was also about an inch taller then I had been on Earth. After closing my jaw and composing myself, I walked back to the Headmasters office. As I entered I spotted Rebecca standing in front of Headmasters desk so I went to stand by her. "Ah, I see you are ready. Here is your wand. Rebecca will be showing you around the Commons and Ravenwood-" As he handed me an ice cold wand with a sapphire on top, several loud crashes and screams came from the commons. "Death Knights! You two stay here, I will go stop them-" Immediatly after he ordered us to stay put, we both ran out the door, leaving Headmaster Ambrose muttering something about children never listening.
As we reached the Commons, I spotted three wizards clad in black armor and wielding sparkling black blades. Instinctively I pointed my wand in their direction and a long spike of ice flew towards them. Even though one of them sliced it in half it caught them by surprise. Rebecca took one look at me slumped against the wall and she slowly turned towards them. Her eyes started to flicker with gray light and suddenly dark black storm clouds formed above the Death Knights. The last thing I saw before I passed out was Rebecca floating several feet above the ground, and a large lightning bolt strike near the Death Knights...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School is making me not post!

I have been busy with school work so I have not been posting. The Seven Protecters part 1(or part of part 1)will be on here in a few days.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello!!!!My first post on my first blog!!!!

Hello and happy 2011!!!This is my first blog ever so i am a bit jittery, but i hope you like it! Throughout the year i will be posting a bit of writing, The Seven Protecters. Part one will be on soon!